Duplo - Shoeing Instruction

Shoeing Instruction for Duplo Composite Horseshoes

Duplo- Shoeing Instructions

Shoeing Instruction for Standard Duplo Composite Horseshoes


Master Farrier Stephan Becker shows how to modify and adjust the Duplo Synthetic Horseshoe for different hooves.

Duplo-Glue-On Shoe with Casting

Shoeing Instruction for Using Duplo Plastic Horseshoes for Laminitis with glue on tabs and casting material by Dr. Katie Curry.

Duplo-Glue-On Shoe

Shoeing Instruction for Using Duplo Synthetic Horseshoes as Glue-On Shoes (Mark Schwed)

Duplo Laminitis Horseshoes

Shoeing Instruction for Duplo Laminitis Horseshoes

Duplo Winter Equipment

Duplo Composite Horseshoes are ideal for the winter.