Technical Details

Duplo horseshoes consist of a soft plastic material (TPU) which is cast around a laser cut metal sheet. The heads of the nails are steadied by this sheet.

The nail holes are designed as elongated holes at right angles to the white line – contrary to traditional horseshoes whose holes are positioned along the white line. The farrier is therefore able to vary the position of the nail depending on the hoof form and the thickness of the walls. Neither the nails nor the nailing techniques differ considerably from shoeing with metal horseshoes.

The metal inlay reinforces the horseshoe exactly where it’s necessary: around the toe. Duplo horseshoes are very flexible around the heels, thus supporting the natural twist-ability of the hoof.

Torsions of the shoe during its use are avoided by a profile of knobs made of a stiffer plastic component which is incorporated into the softer material. There are also some models with quarter clips available. The clips are directly attached to the metal core and counteract torsions as well.

The Standard Duplo models provide an elastic rubber lip which is cast around the inner opening and reduces snow or mud balling up during the winter.