Straight Toe Shoe (STS) with Grid Sole Clips




Straight Toe Shoe (STS) with Grid Sole Clips


The straight toe shoe with a grid sole and clips is the newest addition to the Duplo Composite Horseshoe line available in sizes 122 mm-134 mm. The STS shoe presents like a clipped squared toe horseshoe compared to the basic round shape. The toe bevel is pre fabricated into the shoe mold reducing additional modification to the shoe. The quarter clips position further back in the toe region. The grid sole offers more sole protection and aids in supporting packing material. The clipped squared toe horseshoe reduces leverage in the break over. Sole impression material works well with this shoe.

Features of the STS Grid Sole Clips:

  • Beveled toe.
  • Grid allows for easier packing material placement.
  • Price to performance ratio makes the shoes cost effective.

Modification of the STS Grid Sole Clips:

  • Removal of the grid sole.
  • Grinding or nipper and rasp to shape the plastic in the back of the shoe.

Additionally, reference the instructional videos for demonstrations. The contact page  is available for technical support. Further more the custom build page shows examples of how the shoe is shaped or modified. Duplo Composite Horseshoes have stability and flexibility matched to the hoof. The STS  with grid sole is used for prevention of pathology, therapeutic settings, and where more leverage reduction is needed. The STS with  grid sole can be applied with nails or glue on tabs and because of the clips less nails are needed. The hoof wall is first notched out for the clip and then hammered into the hoof to set the clip. Consequently there is no hot fitting the shoe!