Standard Universal




Standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe Universal


The standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe Universal is a plastic horseshoe with a metal inlay for sale available in sizes 114 mm-150 mm in the round shape and 114 mm-150 mm in the oval shape. The orange plastic inlay represents the Shore hardness scale of the plastic. The orange plastic inlay shoes are softer than the green plastic inlay shoes of the Extra line. Round or oval pattern and the size determined at the widest point of the hoof. The Universal plastic horseshoe has a closed sole surface ideal for added hoof sole protection or securing hoof packing material.

Features of the standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe Universal:

  • Quarter clips provide stability while nailing.
  • Quarter clips reduce shoe torsion in sport, excess growth, and with limited hoof wall for nailing.
  • Orange inlay of plastic knobs on the sole surface to reduce torsion on the hoof.
  • Round and Oval shape for easier modification of the fit.
  • Covered sole for protection.
  • Covered sole for securing packing material.
  • Price to performance ratio makes the shoes cost effective.

Modifications available to the standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe Universal

  • Grind or nipper/rasp the plastic to fit the back of the hoof.
  • Remove orange plastic knobs if placement is on the hoof sole.
  • Perforate the plastic sole plate to reduce packing material pressure.
  • Rocker toe the metal inlay for therapeutic application.
  • Bevel the break over into the plastic toe region to reduce leverage.
  • Grind traction profile in the plastic for increased ground traction.
  • Addition of Gripstuds for winter traction.
  • Plastic weld glue on tabs to any model.
  • Removal of one or both clips if needed.

Additionally, reference the instructional videos for demonstrations. The contact page  is available for technical support. Further more the custom build page shows examples of how the shoe is shaped or modified. Duplo Composite Horseshoes have stability and flexibility matched to the hoof. The standard Universal model is used for prevention of pathology, therapeutic settings, and where more sole protection is needed. The clipped shoes can be applied with nails or glue on tabs and because of the clips less nails are needed. The hoof wall is first notched out for the clip and then hammered into the hoof to set the clip. Consequently there is no hot fitting the shoe!