Standard Arizona Composite Horseshoe




Standard Duplo Arizona Composite Horseshoe with even more toe steel


The standard Duplo Arizona Composite Horseshoe is a durable plastic horseshoe with a metal inlay for sale available in sizes 110 mm-142 mm in the round shape and 110 mm-146 mm in the oval shape. The orange plastic inlay shoes are softer than the green plastic inlay shoes of the Extra line. Compare the shape in round or oval and determine size at the widest portion of the trimmed hoof. The Arizona has additional quarter clips and increased traction profile which is equally as important in rough terrain.

The Duplo Arizona has been developed in close collaboration with the Miller Ranch in Arizona. Riding in the trails through Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon the horseshoes have to meet the high demands. The trails are correspondingly rocky and narrow. The shock absorbing plastic material benefits the horse coupled with the additional steel increasing the life of the shoe. In addition, the shoeing of gaited horses can be enhanced with the Arizona model. In addition, the Arizona may enhance gaited horse movement.

Modifications available to the standard Duplo Composite Horseshoe Arizona

  • Widen or narrow the metal inlay to fit the hoof.
  • Grind or nipper/rasp the plastic to fit the back of the hoof.
  • Remove orange plastic knobs if placement is on the hoof sole.
  • Remove or thin the plastic rim to accommodate the sole height.
  • Rocker toe the metal inlay for therapeutic application.
  • Bevel the break over into the plastic toe region to reduce leverage.
  • Addition of Gripstuds for traction.
  • Plastic weld glue on tabs to any model.

Additional information

Shoe Size

110mm, 114mm, 118mm, 122mm, 126mm, 130mm, 134mm, 138mm, 142mm, 146mm

Shoe Shape

Oval, Round