Sole Support Impression Material


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Composite clip-on horseshoes for sale by Duplo

Sole Support Impression Material

The EDSS Impression Material is a 2-part silicon based putty used for sole impression material. The mixture will cure to a consistency similar to that of the frog. The center, back, or grid sole will allow for the release of excess material. Support will be provided to the sole, frog, and bars of the hoof. In other words, correct application of the sole support material is critical to not place to much pressure on a sensitive region. Another key point is to select the correct consistency of sole impression material.

The unique features of the grid sole on the Open Toe and STS are ideal for sole impression material. With this in mind the grid allows adequate room for the sole impression material to permeate through. Sole impression material will exit the open sole of the other Duplo Composite Horseshoes. Recommended method is to let the material set up on a pad first. Nail,glue, or combination of both for application of the Duplo Composite Horseshoe.

For horses with a sensitive region do not apply the shoe right away. In this case, allow the impression material to set up on a pad. Cut out the impression material over the corresponding sensitive region.

The impression material comes in soft or regular consistency. The combined weight of the 2 part tubs is 1.5 lbs.