No Back…No Farrier: English Version




No Back No Farrier

Fourth generation farrier Dr. Katie (Cosgriff) Curry explains the issues around farrier back pain and other ailments of the profession. Illustrated cartoons drawn by Dr. Curry, professional photographs by Roni Ziemba, and easy to read dialog make this a must have resource. It is important to realize the farrier clinical experience is priceless. Generally speaking the years of hands on are too valuable to lose to unnecessary back pain. Working with horses in the farrier and trimming profession requires a level of fitness to protect the back. This guide covers injuries that may occur, fitness tests, and stories of a family history over four generations of a shoeing family.

In summary, the preventable ailments are covered as well as the therapeutic exercises and conditioning tests. Ultimately, the farrier’s feet are a large part of our posture and degradation of our posture. The second edition is scheduled to be out mid January 2018.


Product Details

ISBN:                       9781300968054
Edition:                    First Edition
Publisher:                MT EquiSports, LLC
Published:               May 29, 2013
Language:                English
Pages:                        64
Binding:                    Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink:             Full color
Weight:                     0.7 lbs.
Dimensions (in):     8.5 wide x 11 tall