Open Toe Laminitis Horseshoe


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Open Toe Laminitis Horseshoe

This product line provides orthopedic shoes for horses with sensitive hooves, laminitis, or other orthopedic problems. In case of laminitis or founder, the damaged hoof capsule must be relieved as far as possible and the sore part of the sole has to be protected. Therefore, the Duplo Open Toe Horseshoe supports the coffin bone (P3) and concurrently protects from ground force pressure. The application is easier than a reverse steel shoe for an open toe laminitis horseshoe and more effective. The anatomically shaped and plastic-covered metal core in combination with soft packing material provides optimal relief to the hoof. The continuity of the plastic material on the landing surface makes the Open Toe shoe the ideal laminitis horseshoe on the market today. Along with the reduced toe leverage and P3 support. In addition, year round use is available withe application of Grip Studs®.

Open Toe Horseshoe

  • Therapeutic laminitis intervention.
  • Grid sole for sole support impression material or hoof packing security.
  • Reduced toe leverage for other orthopedic conditions.
  • Laminar stability shock absorption.
  • Application of glue on tabs for sensitive hooves.
  • Bevel plastic or hammer seat out the P3 support bar if needed to relieve pressure.


In the case of orthopedic distress, the solid support and ease of toe break over provides the needed therapeutic intervention. Presently the Open Toe shoe has been successful in helping a wide variety of conditions. Ring bone, osteoarthritis of the limb, severe hoof distortion, etc to name a few.