Duplo Advantage

Metal horseshoes have protected the hoof for centuries. They have often been improved and adapted to the latest level of knowledge. Without doubt, metal horseshoes have many aspects in their favor, but they also involve risks for the health of hoof and limb.


The idea of using plastic instead of metal as hoof protection is not new either. From a physiological point of view, this material is superior to metal. Unfortunately, plastic horseshoes haven’t developed as highly over the past decades as desired for the soundness of hooves and limbs.


The purpose of Duplo Horseshoes is therefore to use the advantages of both materials – metal and plastic – for the hoof and at the same time to avoid the weak points of the present horseshoes as far as possible.


Advantages of the Metal Core Advantages of the Plastic Coat

Thanks to its hard core, the Duplo Horseshoe is torsion-free and keeps its shape for a long time.

Nail Holes

With a pure plastic horseshoe, it is possible that the nail heads slip through the nail holes. This can’t happen with the metal core; the nails sit tightly even during long shoeing intervals and with irregular movements.

Shock Absorbance

Thanks to the softer material, high-frequency vibrations caused by the hoof‘s impact on the ground are considerably reduced. Ligaments, tendons and joints are considerably less stressed by plastic horseshoes than by metal horseshoes.

Hoof Mechanism

Thanks to the flexibility of the plastic material, the natural flexibility of the hoof is encouraged.


The anti-slide behavior of plastic horseshoes is comparable to a barefoot horse’s and more natural than the elongated sliding phase of metal horseshoes.

Hoof Growth

The flexible plastic material encourages the blood circulation. The hoof grows regularly and strongly; its shape improves. The softer material also prevents the heels from abrading as they do on metal horseshoes (friction); the toe axis doesn’t change as easily during one shoeing period as with metal shoes.


It is easy to adjust a toe rocker which improves breakover.

Minimized Risk of Injury

The softer material and the chamferable edges diminish the risk of injuries in herds and in case of gaiting problems (e.g. forging, brushing).

Treatment of Hoof Problems

Many hoof diseases (e.g. thrush) can be rapidly and permanently cured with plastic horseshoes.


Advantages of the Duplo Horseshoe
Hoof Physiology

The frog receives counter pressure by the bar; the blood circulation in the complete hoof is therefore improved.

Orthopedic Models

Duplo offers some closed models for horses with a sensitive sole as well as a special horseshoe for laminitis horses.


It is possible to remove plastic material along the quarter and heel area in order to adjust the horseshoe perfectly to the hoof shape.

Easy Application

Contrary to all plastic horseshoes that are currently available, Duplo horseshoes are uncomplicated in their application. They can easily be used with standard tools and usual horseshoe-nails but without specific training.

Secure Fit

The knobs on the hoof side get pressed into the hoof wall and prevent the horseshoe from twisting out of position.


The high wear resistance of the material ensures low abrasion even during intensive use.

Usability in Winter

The elastic rubber lip of the orange models avoids snow and mud balling up. The integrated screw threads can be equipped with studs if necessary.

Range of Sizes

Thanks to the wide range of sizes, Duplo Horseshoes are suitable for very small and very large horses.

Price-Performance Ratio

Last but not least: The realistic pricing makes the Duplo a real alternative!