Duplo Sizes

The size of a Duplo horseshoe is generally measured at its widest point. The interval between sizes is 4mm – you will therefore find models of 110mm and 114mm but nothing in-between.

The most common Duplos are available from 110mm to 158mm (round shape) respectively from 106mm to 154mm (oval shape). Some models are also produced with 98mm and 102mm. The range of available sizes is constantly enlarged.

To determine the correct Duplo size for your horse, he should be unshod but correctly trimmed. Measure the widest point of the hoof’s lower surface which usually is to be found at a short distance behind the frog apex, using a measuring tape or a rule. You then have to consider whether the sole as a whole is rather round or oval.

The two outcomes – the hoof width in millimeters and the hoof form – result in the size of the Duplo horseshoe your horse needs.

Measuring the hooves

To find out whether your Duplo model is available in the size and shape your horse needs, check our online shop. If you aren’t sure which size might fit, feel free to order the neighboring sizes as well and send back the spare ones.