Duplo Models

Duplo horseshoes are currently available in three categories: Standard – Extra – Special. We’d like to present you the idea behind each variation so that you can decide which one is best for your horse.


Standard and Extra – classics for every occasion!

The Standard models are manufactured from a comparatively soft plastic material. They are recognizable by their
orange color.

The elastic rubber lip reduces snow balling up which is why the orange shoes are often used in the winter.

The Extra models are made from a stronger plastic material than the Standard ones. They are readily identifiable by their
green color.
The application of a rubber lip is not possible because of the rather stiff material. The green shoes are therefore less adequate for winter; they are however frequently used in warm regions.


Special horseshoes for special hooves!

This category provides orthopedic shoes for horses with sensitive hooves or other hoof problems. The closed models support the complete frog and protect the sole from dirt and pebbles. There is also a special horseshoe for laminitis cases which is constantly optimized in cooperation with Mr. Wolfgang Busch.

Knobs, screw threads, clips and profile

Most of the normal Duplo horseshoes have their equivalent with screw threads and/or quarter clips. The clips facilitate the nailing process for the farrier and counter the twisting of the shoe during its use. The threads are compatible with M8-studs; if you don’t want to use studs, these Duplos can be easily used without. The increased profile provides for a better slip resistance and is therefore recommendable during the muddy season. An expansion from two to four knob arrays makes the shoe even more flexible regarding the adjustment to the hoof condition.